The Fomblin® HC line was developed based on research activities, studies and scientific consulting, supported by collaboration with three Italian universities.

These products are the result of scientific research by Kalis, considered a leading company in the Italian and international cosmetology field that holds four international patents, has contributed to around 40 scientific publications, and supervised dozens of undergraduate degree and masters dissertations.

Fomblin® HC products are “functional cosmeceuticals”; effective and scientifically advanced, high performance formulations. The Fomblin® HC line is designed to care for and protect the skin without the use of medication, and to support and treat most changes in the appearance of skin.


Studies on perfluoropolyethers have shown that during application, a protective film is created (which does not prevent perspiration or physiological activity) on the skin surface, with advantages for the hydration and elasticity of the skin, which also accepts the actives present in the product more readily. Harsh agents do not pass through the film, creating an effective protective barrier.

With knowledge of the properties of Kalis Fomblin HC-based emulsions, the pharmacist is able to give effective advice and in many cases resolve the vast majority of skin problems faced on a daily basis, without the use of medication (antibiotics, cortisones, antihistamines).


Kalis International


Founded with the objective of offering a compact, simple to explain range of products and from an in-depth study on the global bestsellers, the Kalis International line offers an effective and concrete response to a precise market demand – to obtain an excellent quality/price ratio – with products with great appeal. The 10 products respond perfectly to all the detailed requirements of the international scene, with strong claims, supported by evaluation and efficacy assessments by the sophisticated consumer.

The innovative complexes of functional active ingredients – Vegestam, Hydroplen, anti-ROS complex – the high concentrations of nourishing oils, vitamin complexes, plant stem cells, peptides and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid have been expertly harmonized into appealing textures with skin-friendly formulations that improve the complexion and exceed the performance of the benchmark products*.

*Laboratory test and satisfaction test on a panel of 50 users.



Since 1924, Farmacia Dalla Favera has developed fine eau de parfums, thanks to the flair of its founder Giusto, who played a pioneering role in researching them. With knowledge and expertise handed down for four generations, the family has entrusted the refinement to perfumer Roberto Dario, who has enriched the olfactory pyramid with novel notes and surprising combinations, to evoke new emotions and endlessly envelop those seeking unique and personal allure.

The exclusivity of DFG 1924 products, consisting of a selection of fragrances at EdP concentration, room fragrances, perfumed body lotions and bath foams, stands out both for the quality of the raw materials used, and for the elegance of the fragrances offered.