Kalis is a dermocosmetics laboratory with more than 35 years of experience dealing with the research, development, consulting, manufacturing and marketing of cosmetic products, perfumes and medical devices for dermatological use, and food supplements under our own brand and for third parties.



The origins of the business date back to 1979, in the galenic laboratory of the family’s pharmacy. Developing the activities led to the creation of a new company ‒ Kalis ‒ in 1983. Dr. Fabio Brunetta, founder and scientific director of the company, is known for his numerous articles published in specialist journals and work as a lecturer for the Masters in Cosmetic Science and Technology at the University of Ferrara.

Initial development was directed at purchasing scientific equipment and acquiring in-depth skills in the formulation of cosmetics. After moving to the new site, production capacity significantly increased, but without changing the Kalis philosophy: to provide scientifically valid formulations and products using special technology.



The company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (good manufacturing practice) and ISO 13485 (manufacture of medical devices for topical use) standards and is known for its continual research and innovation of products, which are designed and formulated to meet any scientific or market need.

Selected raw materials from European, Japanese and American suppliers only, are used to ensure the highest quality of our products.



Kalis’s activities are based on a passion for research and the creation and continuous improvement of products, rather than purely economic aims.  The Kalis cornerstone is the respect for our own code of ethics, consisting of the fundamental yardsticks of trust, loyalty, honesty, transparency, diligence, confidentiality, the protection of the environment, and looking after relations with clients and suppliers.



Among the research work, activities have developed primarily within the chemical, physical and toxicological study and application of cosmetic raw materials including fluorinated polymers (Fomblin® HC – with the acquisition of four international patents).

The results of these studies have been published in several national and international journals and specialist dissertations in cosmetology.


Quality control

The Kalis facilities include a fully equipped laboratory for research and quality control, capable of performing tests on raw materials and finished products, featuring the most modern and efficient equipment for chemical and physical analysis, and various instruments for microbiological and skin analysis.

The instruments are checked and calibrated according to ISO 9001 standards. Other analyses or studies are conducted in collaboration with the Masters in Cosmetic Science and Technology at the University of Ferrara, the University of Padua and other specialist laboratories.


In addition to the study of raw materials, Kalis’s consulting activities focus on the formulation of cosmetic products, preparation of Product Information Files (PIF), UV-Vis and infrared spectrophotometric analysis, chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of cosmetic products, stability studies (e.g. vitamins A and C in finished cosmetic products), rheological analysis, in vitro determination of sun protection factor, demonstration of the water resistance of suncare products, and analysis by optical microscopy.

Kalis is a consultant for major global companies as regards the formulation applications of specific raw materials in the field of cosmetics and dermatology.