Kalis is a company that counts prestigious names in national and international cosmetics and selective perfumery among its clients, offering research, manufacturing and packaging services, with the ability to provide comprehensive assistance in all phases of creating a new product thanks to 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of tailor made cosmetics for third parties, with the flexibility of producing batches of a few hundred pieces up to tens of thousands of pieces.

Kalis also produces dermocosmetics and medical devices for major companies that distribute in the pharmaceutical sales channel.

The manufacturing area of Kalis is equipped with pharmaceutical grade “clean room” technology also conceived for the production of medical devices. The production water is treated through a sophisticated dual deionization system (resins and reverse osmosis) and sterilized at the withdrawal points by UV C lamps and micro filters.

The daily production capacity is 2500 kg of semi-finished product in the form of emulsions or preparations to be performed under vacuum, 5000 kg of semi-finished products in solution or toiletries. The operations are performed with the cutting edge equipment: emulsifiers under vacuum in a stainless steel from 1600, 600, 150 and 60 kg, a 500 kg and 3000 Kg open air mixers.

The packaging is performed with stainless steel volumetric dosing units, with two automatic filling line for jars and bottles and with two tube-filling machines with speeds up to 5000 pieces / hour. The daily packaging capacity is over 50,000 packages, tailored to customer needs.
Kalis also has an automatic cartoning machine and two automatic labellers. All production processes and packaging are in accordance with the rules of good preparation and to those ISO 9000 to ensure the quality of the finished product.

The table below shows the main types of products that Kalis is able to achieve



Face products O/w and w/o emulsions, serums, gels, masks, toners, milks, make-up removers, oils, lotions, etc.
Body products Anti-cellulite, firming and liposome emulsions, nanoemulsions, products for beauty machines, deodorants , nourishing emulsions, etc.
Hair products Shampoos, conditioners, gels, anti-dandruff products, products for seborrhoeic dermatitis
Suncare Low, medium, high and very high sun protection, after sun, tan activators
Alcohol-based products Alcohol-based perfumery, lotions, deodorants
Detergents Liquid, cream and emulsion detergents, bath foams
Medical devices Products for scars, protective products in general and to prevent dermatitis

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